Why Choose Pearwood Carpet Cleaning?

The true difference is in the service Shaking hands at the end of honest business
  • Not all training is created equal. They may tout a certification # or training credentials, but the instructor and company philosophy matter.
  • It's true that most steam cleaners use similar equipment but in regards to training were they trained properly on using it?
  • Bait and switch companies are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. Whichever company you use should do a pre job inspection to get an accurate idea of the job scope and to give you a hard number to chew on. Many companies that price over the phone switch the prices once they arrive.
  • We know we are more expensive than our competition. Generally speaking though you get what you pay for. We charge a higher price because we offer a higher degree of service.
  • We would like to take your worries from you and let you know that our cleaning solutions are completely safe and environmentally friendly. In other words we use a non-toxic and baby safe carpet cleaning solution!
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