Frequently Asked Questions

Is the person cleaning my carpet a subcontractor?
No, the technician sent to your home will be a fully trained, bonded and insured employee of Pearwood Carpet Cleaning.

Are your technicians paid by commission?
No, our technicians are not paid on a commission basis. Commission paid techs often results in bait and switch advertising where you are seduced by an incredibly low price and once they get in your door the price triples or even quadruples.

How long will the carpet stay clean?
Many companies aren't aware or trained in how to rinse the carpet clean after the clean. As a result, there is a residue of chemical left once they leave that acts like a dirt magnet. You've seen this if you've ever had your floors cleaned and 4 weeks later it looks like it had never been cleaned. Just make sure the company you use either rinses with a textile rinse or uses a neutral pH cleaning agent.

Are your technicians trained and experienced?
While it doesn't take a rocket scientist to clean carpet, all technicians are fully trained and certified through the IICR (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration).

Is steam the best method to clean carpets?
Unlike some companies out there doing a really good job of demonizing steam cleaning, it is still the only manufacturers recommended way to keep your carpet warranty in tact.

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